Discover Our Superior Distilled Spirits

Featuring a unique & detailed craft cocktail program utilizing house-made tinctures, bitters, cordials, syrups, sodas, and shrubs from locally sourced ingredients and produce.

Furthering a sense of community our bar room provides an element where cocktails create stories, strangers become friends, and good times are had by all.

Anise Stardust

MuckleyEYE Rum, Fennel, Anise, Activated Charcoal, Mint, Lime

Stavros!!! Uncle Jesses Evil Cousin

MuckleyEYE Bourbon, Brute Chocolate Liqueur, Raspberry Cordial, Greek Yogurt, Dried Raspberry

The Bloody Janice

-Only Available on Sunday’s-
Jersey Tomatoes & Basil Shrub, Jalapeño Macerated Worcester Sauce, MuckleyEYE Vodka, Dehydrated Lemon and Chiles

The BBC ( Butter Beer Cream )

MuckleyEYE White Rum, Brown Butter Syrup, Cream Soda, House Whipped Cream

Straight Jacket

MuckleyEYE Gin, Pomegranate Syrup, Cranberry Bitters, Lemon,Dehydrated Pomegranate Sprinkles, Burnt Rosemary